My second side hustle

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Good morning debt slayers!

Today I wanted to give you a breakdown of my second job. I consider it my 2nd side hustle (National Guard is my first and the ULTIMATE side hustle).

My second job is working in the “kitchen” of a gas station. I won’t say which one (not sure why? Just seems like I shouldn’t share everything…I really don’t know the regs on this).

A gas station?!?!!? Yes, you read correctly. But, Student Loan Soldier, YOU HAVE AN EDUCATION. Please hear me out before you rush to judge…

  1. It’s right across the street from my 9-5 job. I am tremendously lazy so I have to create a situation in which I simply don’t have a choice to work or not. With it so close I am like 834% more likely to suck it up after already working all day and going in for a shift. (similar to working out, if I don’t lay my clothes & shoes out the night before I am NOT GOING)
  2.  It’s easy. I show up and make a few sandwiches, a few pizzas, do some dishes, wipe down counters, sweep and mop. That’s about it. I have years of kitchen experience so this is like junior varsity compared to working in a hot, busy, loud kitchen that requires you to actually apply yourself. Here, I listen to music, stroll around and do my job at a nice easy pace. It makes it MUCH easier to put in hours when you don’t want to jump off a bridge when you’re there.
  3. Decent pay. I make $10.50 an hour. Could I do significantly better somewhere else? Yes. Would it require hard work? Yes. Do I want to work hard? No.
  4. Good hours. My boss is great and understands that my priorities are: 9-5 job, National Guard, then gas station. She lets me work a customized schedule (typically 5-9 on Tuesday and Thursdays and 6-2 on Saturdays) and works w/me when I have drill to make up hours during the week. I don’t have to work Friday or Saturday nights or Sundays (HUGE FOOTBALL FAN). I get hours I need without wearing myself out.

Again, could I do much better working as a waiter or something? I sure could. But this works for me. Like a lot of other personal finance strategies, conventional wisdom may say one thing, but ultimately you need to do what works for you. At the end of the day I am bringing in about an additional $400 a month that is going directly to my debt, so I think I’m doing a good thing. I think it’s more about doing SOMETHING and taking action rather than worrying about being perfect.

“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” George Patton

Anyway, that’s it for me for now hustlers! Stay classy!




4 thoughts on “My second side hustle

      • Nope, I work full-time, but have a baby girl, so I need to be at home for her. I’m hoping to get financial coach training soon. That’ll let me make a little and help others!

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