9-5 Grind



Good afternoon troops!

I hope everyone is doing well today. I myself and doing quite well considering I’ve been working like a dog and nearly all of my hard earned money lines the pockets of student loan companies. BUT I DIGRESS.

Haha but really, I want to give you, my faithful readers (there’s like 1 one of you as of right now) a snapshot of my main source of income….my 9-5 full time job.

I work at a large insurance company processing disability/life insurance claims. I work 8-4:30 Monday through Friday. I sit in a cubicle, I wear khakis most days and I engage in water cooler talk. BARF. I have become the thing I said I never would.

However, as many people in the personal finance community know and understand you often need to put your dreams on hold in order to clean up a mess. In my case, it’s a very large mess. So in the meantime, I show up, dress decent, act nice and professional, do my job and collect a very reasonable pay check. This job is A LOT better than a lot of other jobs I’ve worked so I definitely count my blessings while sitting in the air conditioning and listening to podcasts.

How much do I make? My salary is $46,200 a year. I take home about $1,240 every 2 weeks. This is take-home pay after deductions for health insurance, dental insurance and 5% to a 401K. I know a lot of conventional wisdom says to put all investments on hold while paying off debt, but I can’t pass up the employer matched 5%!!!! I just can’t do it! What are other people’s thoughts on this? I personally feel that not ever seeing the money in my pay check forces me to hustle and earn more money in order to make my numbers work and the money I sock away will end up becoming far more useful down the road as it continues to grow. The employer matched benefit is free money. That’s how I feel. Thoughts?

Anyhow, so my take home pay from my 9-5 is about $2,476 a month. Not too bad considering I have consistent hours, it’s a safe and comfortable place to work, my co-workers are friendly, and the work is all on a computer and phone. I’ve worked late nights cleaning grease out of deep fryers and on roofs in the middle of the summer. Even when it’s hard it’s pretty easy to remember that compared to a lot of other types of work….This doesn’t suck.

In addition to a steady paycheck, good work environment, health/dental/life/401K benefits and a whole ton of PTO, my employer is also very supportive of my National Guard commitments and they work with me very well. Often times I use PTO when I have 3 day drills so I get paid for both! Double dipping baby!! They also have to hold my job I am ever deployed. This is a nice feeling.

Well, that’s about it for now. What’s the takeaway? Now you know about what I do every day. YAY! Haha but really, the point is that I do this job to pay my bills and clean up my debt mess. It’s not my dream job. I don’t love it. BUT, I am very fortunate and thankful to have it. I feel like it is very important to continue to have this mindset no matter what you do.

Also, this information is laying the groundwork for later posts based on budgeting and time management.

How about everyone else??? What kind of jobs are people grinding through to clean up their messes/prep for early retirement/or are doing because it’s a good solid job?

Thanks everyone! Have an awesome day!

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